Investors & Owner

Robert Hagen 


Mr. Robert Hagen, has been engaged in the Fund since 2010 and became its CEO in 2014. Since then he has tirelessly been working to achieve the Fund’s goals and vision. He has developed great knowledge of the local real estate market over the last decade, as well as a strong personal drive to create a project in Jarun Panorama that will both elevate Zagreb’s profile as an international destination and provide a space to be enjoyed by the local population. He is determined to find the best possible solutions for realizing the full potential of Jarun Panorama in collaboration with the right investor or partner.

Phone: +47 99 79 88 33
Email: rh@hbaa.no

Sanja Mihalić, LL.M

Legal and project advisor

Sanja Mihalic has been cooperating with Norwegian Investment companies since 2010, while on the Project Jarun Panorama she has been involved since 2013 as a legal and project advisor. Her main focus has been towards solving legal issues, managing company status, project development as well as obtaining administrative permits. Her experience in the lawyer practice in the field of commercial and civil law helps her performing activities aimed at the realization of main aims of the Project Jarun Panorama.

Phone: +385 98 5442 45
Email: sanja.mihalic@ousm.hr

Eirik Forthun

Board Member

Eirik Forthun holds a Master of Science degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has been board member in The Norwegian Investment company since 2008. Mr. Forthun has 19 years’ development, management and transactional experience in the real estate sector. He has acted as CEO of several companies including a real estate development company in Croatia, as well as working in the corporate real estate division of Storebrand Bank in Norway. He is currently partner in a the Company with approx. EUR 1 Bn equity under management, and holds more than 30 board positions in commercial real estate companies in the Nordics.

Ragnar Soegaard

Chairman of the Board

Ragnar Soegaard has been the chairman consecutively since 2010.
He is a Norwegian business professional with a long-term career in top management positions, as well as being Chairman/member of the Board in big national and international corporations.

For more information, please contact us:

Croatian Development Property II AS
Phone + 47 99 79 88 33 (Norway) / +385 98 5442 45 (Croatia)
Email: rh@hbaa.no (Norway) / sanja.mihalic@ousm.hr (Croatia)